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Beta Man Adventures (A CYOA Adventure)

Beta Man and friends gets in a crazy, new adventure that you can control! Let's see how long it takes for us to fall deep into the depths of insanity. (Please read the rules before posting.)


- This is my first CYOA, so don't expect this to be perfect.

- Only one command per comic.

- For the sake of the comic and everyone reading it, try to keep it PG.

- I will pick my personal favorites. You can also second commands and I MIGHT consider it. But don't count on it.

- You can send commands to anyone in the comic and summon in who or what you will. (Unless if it's something I'd have to make a custom sprite of, because I'm terrible at that)

- You can even add in your own OCs, as long as they have sprites. If so, I would have to ask you for the sprites. No worries, you will be credited.

- As much as the above statement is true, PLEASE only try to add in OCs if it is YOUR OWN CHARACTER. If you try to add in characters from other webcomics that aren't your own, they will be ignored and you would have wasted your ONE SINGLE command.

- The only exclusion to the rule above is if you use an OC made by me. (Because I'm not going to make commands myself.)

- You can summon in 16-bit sprites, but just don't try to turn Beta Man into a 16-bit sprite, I don't have that ready.

- Each character has their own inventory. A Robot Master's inventory also insists of Robot Master Weapons, and certain Robot Masters can only gain certain weapons. Beta Man, as well as Super Fighting Robots like Mega Man, Bass, and Proto Man, can earn ANY type of Robot Master Weapon.

- Almost anything can happen!

- I'm lazy, so this will update whenever I want to. But if you want more, there has to be actual comments.


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